"Make That Difference has shown me how I can take control of my thoughts and actions and regain a positive aspect to life" - Book your free 30 minute telephone consultation now! "I would recommend Clara to anyone thinking of some life coaching sessions, she is highly skilled and extraordinary!" - Book your free 30 minute telephone consultation now! "Clara’s input continues beyond each session with amazing feedback and useful information which I use to review my sessions" - Book your free 30 minute telephone consultation now! "Having the life coach sessions with Clara made me think positively about all the things I could do and broaden my career" - Book your free 30 minute telephone consultation now! "Clara helped me identify what it really was that I wanted to achieve and helped me develop the tools to reach my goals" - Book your free 30 minute telephone consultation now! "Coaching with Clara has given me the confidence to deal with different situations and affirmed that I am right about certain things" - Book your free 30 minute telephone consultation now!

Life Coaching that will help you
‘Make That Difference’ in your life!

Clara Gibson, Make That Difference

Has your life become:

  • Jaded?
  • Irritating?
  • Unfocussed?
  • Sluggish?

Do you feel:

  • That you are not in control?
  • That there is so much more to you and in you?
  • That you want something to change?
  • That making change is going to be too difficult?
  • That speaking up is something that you avoid?
  • That your relationship is slipping away from you, and you don’t know what to do?
  • That your stress levels are too high?
  • That your health is suffering?
  • That you need to lose weight?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then getting support to take charge will make a huge difference. So book your free 30 minute consultation now!

If you are someone who thinks that you have to sort everything yourself, or that to get support to make change in your life is a sign of failure - you are not alone. Did you know that only 3% of the population seek help, yet 100% of the population have some issue that they find makes them uncomfortable and is limiting their lives in some way.

Years ago the great majority of people had support via their support networks. Today the world is a very different place, much more fragmented, with many insecurities and so much change for men and women to manage. Life coaching with ‘Make that Difference’ will give you the support to develop belief in yourself, the strength, the skills and the strategies to make the changes in your life direction, work or relationships that you want.

Make today and 2015 the year you took charge, to live in happiness, to be healthier, more effective and more successful than you might ever have dreamed was possible.

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