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How does telephone coaching compare to face to face coaching?

Telephone/Skype coaching is more usual than face to face.

For many clients it is convenient, as neither time nor energy are spent in travelling. It means clients can fit sessions neatly into their day, whether during work (if that is possible), or before or after work.

For many clients distance can be an issue, as some live abroad or at different areas of the UK. When circumstances permit, a face to face session can be arranged either in Kent or a venue of their choosing.

It is not always necessary to see a client to work with them, as working by telephone/Skype means that the coach focuses on much more than the content of what the client is saying, and some clients find it easier to focus when they are in their own surroundings.

Is there a time when face to face is better?

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Sometimes yes. Some people prefer face to face anyway, and for some techniques it is essential. Some clients opt to have a mixture of both face to face and telephone/Skype calls, depending on their own time constraints.

What are your fees?

Our coaching fees vary, depending upon the coaching programme and on the clients’ needs. Concessions are available.

The initial consultation is free and lasts 30 minutes. This is an opportunity for you to discuss the areas on which you wish to be coached, find out more about our coaching and to decide whether you wish to have coaching with Clara - it can take place by telephone/Skype or face to face.

Depending upon the coaching package you choose, the session duration may be 60 - 90 minutes or a half day. It may be conducted over the telephone, by Skype or face-to-face. It can also be arranged at your place of work (travel time and costs will be charged).

Contact us to discuss what options would be best for you and to arrange your free consultation.

Are the contents of the sessions confidential?

Absolutely! As an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coach I am bound by the ICF’s code of conduct which I fully adhere to, the details of which are available at the International Coach Federation’s website.

Does coaching work for anyone?

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Coaching will work for all who want to make a difference in their lives. Some people come to coaching with very clear ideas of what they want to address. Others come into coaching just knowing that they want to feel better, a bit more confident.

Some people may need to do some work just to realise that they too can have goals and work towards them, and to realise who they actually are. Coaching is not a passive process - it requires your commitment to learn and establish the new strategies.

It really is the most wonderful thing to see how individuals evolve and actually become more than they ever thought possible - and for some that is simply becoming happier, and having pride in themselves. From little acorns great oak trees grow.

I run a business and would like some of my employees coached - how would this work?

This requires discussion and openness at the outset between employer, employee, and the coach. The coachee’s confidentiality is paramount, and so the parameters of what will be reported to the employer are agreed between all three parties before coaching begins. This can be immensely effective, with considerable gains for both the coachee and the business.

Contact us to explore how you can make your life different. You will be amazed at how much difference can occur in just a few sessions.

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