Mental Health, Neurodiversity and the system's needs.

Mental Health, Neurodiversity and the system's needs.


'Fitting-in', too often seems to be the requirement of systems:-  schools, work, families and also neighbours, clubs etc.  

If, like many people, you feel as though you don't 'fit in' then the pressure/stress begins to grow.  

On top of that, we are then subjected to the ever increasing layers of paperwork/administration which may further reduce our sense of individuality and so the pressure and frustration build more.

Add to this your personal experience of how your individuality, your value and your uniqueness are not being given legitimacy;  this can create responses that are later diagnosed as stress, anxiety, depression, burn out or a host of physical health conditions which are currently very prevalent.  

Various organizations estimate that 25% of the general population and that in particular groups including 'teachers' and 'university students' -  as much as 70% experience stress or depression.  Now, consider the impact of having a neurodiversity of any sort (estimated to be 1-10% of the population depending on the type of diagnosis).   Such individuals often struggle in a world where there is an expectancy to 'fit-in' and comply, rather than be welcomed and able to use, with great benefit, their strengths. 

The question arises as to what is at odds here?  Is it 'individuals' and their idiosyncrasies or the 'systems' which seem to want everybody to function as though they all came out of the same mold and to be compliant automatons. 

Increasingly, I am hearing murmurings that it is the system that is inexorably driving up levels of stress, ill health and poor mental health.  I have held this view for many years. I have experienced it and witnessed it.  I have often had it reported to me and I have observed it in almost every client I have worked with.

Almost all of my clients have come to me suffering with either anxiety, depression, stress and/or any of the range of neurodiversities - ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or Chronic Health Diseases.  Most of these symptoms have arisen and been exacerbated by the environments and the expectations of those systems.

It is satisfying and so rewarding to see how with support, and simple tweaking of patterns and behaviors which these clients have been running, that they can make a radical difference in their lives.  By helping them to develop new awareness and learn new strategies and habits, they can transform their abilities, their confidence and self-belief at work and in their personal life. Often these clients become so empowered by their new selves that they teach their new ways of working to their colleagues and enable them to also improve their working and personal lives too.

Taking some time to find a clearer way forward, to lift that load, to build your confidence and self-belief can truly change your life, your health and the possibilities that are open to you.  Book a FREE 30-minute telephone consultation and you could find yourself on your way to a radically improved life.

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