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Your Life Coaching with Clara at ‘Make that Difference’ will focus on

How Life Coaching & Health Coaching
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You book your FREE 30 minute telephone consultation, where we discuss:

You choose whether or not to book your first Coaching session.

Your First Life Coaching/Health Coaching session

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The session will last 90 minutes (approximately) it can take place face to face at Clara’s Coaching Studio in Ramsgate, or by special arrangement at a location of your choosing (Travel time and costs will be charged) or by telephone or skype or google hangout.

During this session we will explore the areas of life you wish to address and set your goals, explore how differently you will feel when you achieve them, and what difference your goals will make to every aspect of your life.

You will decide how you want to work on your goals.

Most clients have (and most effective) fortnightly 90 minute sessions for 6 or 12 or more sessions.

These can be held in Ramsgate, or at a venue of your choosing (travel costs apply), or by telephone/skype/google hangout - (works well for international and clients who are either have very tight schedules or those who live a long distance from Ramsgate)

When a block of 12 sessions is completed on a fortnightly basis, the 13th session is at a 75% discount.

Other options for Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Weight loss Coaching are:

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