I got in touch with Clara when going through a very difficult time in my personal life.

I had left my husband, my home and my family, was very confused and emotional and had no-one unbiased to talk to. Through a series of telephone sessions, Clara was able to help me to identify what the issues were, focus my thoughts and feelings. She was very adept at replaying my comments and bringing things to the surface, and made excellent points for my consideration.

As a person Clara is very easy to talk to, very pragmatic and positive, and relieved me of the guilt that I was feeling, and cleared the ‘noise’ from my mind to enable me to think clearly about the future. She was swift at sending notes after the sessions which also helped greatly. My husband also began individual sessions with her, and has also found her to be incredibly helpful, and I am delighted to say that things are turning around for the better for us, thanks to Clara. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of coaching through uncertain or difficult times.

Mrs.P, Kent

Clara has an amazing warmth which immediately put me at ease. I was able to talk about the issues I wished - comfortably.

Clara helped me to stand back and see everything with new and rational eyes. In a very short time she helped me to gain new insight in to why some of the issues were arising, to have the strength to face these issues, and to find the path of loving myself.

In my coaching I learned to value myself, to recognise my own inner strength and know that I can deal with problem areas and fight and erase certain demons. I gained an inner calm, a more positive day to day outlook on life and found my first ‘off-switch’. Clara is an inspiration and a great listener. She is empathetic without being saccharine and will not judge you for being weak or for having made mistakes. 100% great value for money.

P.Hume, Kent

When I started one to one coaching with Clara at ‘Drastic to Fantastic’ and ‘Make that Difference’ - I really felt as though I had lost my path. I was in a job in the NHS - where I felt extremely devalued. I was not using my training and I felt so stressed. My health was suffering and my self esteem was at a real low.

During my coaching I made huge progress and got from 3 & 2/10 to 9/10 with two of my goals and with my third I have become aware of my limiting patterns and now am ready to take responsibility and to make progress.

I learned to set boundaries - so beneficial in work and in social situations. I have learned to separate myself and to not take on other peoples problems - for the first time in my life. I have learned to use perspective to gain distance and clarity, for the first time also.

I feel so much more confident and back to my usual self but with even more self confidence! Im really proud of the progress I have made. I feel more incontrol and like myself a whole lot more.

I have a new job that i love and once again feel that I am back on track in my life and career - learning and developing. I am managing myself and my life - so much better. Clara is professional, kind and understanding and I enjoyed every minute of my coaching with her! I would recommend her to anyone.

Niamh, London

I had only 2 sessions with Clara - in that time I was able to take action that I had been battling with for years and which immediately saved me thousands of pounds per year. For that I am truly thankful.

S.Rush, Kent

Howard Brooks

Having suffered long term depression and struggled with both cognitive therapy and counselling, my daughter, a nutritionist, suggested seeking the help of a life coach.

At my initial meeting with Clara I was struck by her warmth, empathy and deep understanding of my circumstances.

Since then Clara has never failed to impress me with her patience, manner and her techniques of imparting coping skills, together with recognition of the joy of life.

Needless to say I look forward to every meeting with Clara, putting her guidance into practice and significantly improving my wellbeing.

Howard Brooks

Myriam (Make-up Artist), London

Having finished a few sessions of coaching with fabulous life coach Clara Gibson it has opened up my eyes on a few areas of my life that I wanted to improve. I never had coaching before but always wanted to try. I was wondering how it could potentially help me progress - as most of us would say, we actually know what we have to do - the problem is, do we actually do it?

Clara first of all makes you aware of your priorities and basically follows up by targeting those areas and making sure you achieve them. Having Clara making me aware of how I could achieve more and structure my life better was a big help. I am on the right track and have certainly revised some of my ways of thinking and acting.

I would recommend Clara to anyone thinking of some life coaching sessions, she is highly skilled and extraordinary! Thank you Clara.

Myriam (Make-up Artist), London

Having taken early retirement because of ill-health, with the intention of doing much that I had put aside due to my busy career - 4 years on I had achieved none of my plans, I had lost my purpose in life. When I first came across information about Clara Gibson and her coaching I could not see what it might offer me. Eventually, after much procrastination, I apprehensively booked a taster session. When I met Clara she put me at my ease, was very welcoming and I have never looked back.

Clara’s input continues beyond each session with amazing feedback and useful information which I use to review my sessions, to jog my memory, and remind me of the techniques and strategies learned. The sessions are positive and non-judgemental, and I felt so free - I was able to reveal deep hurt from my past and with the techniques I learned, I was able to put it in the past where it belongs. I am now more at peace than ever before. I must keep practicing the techniques I have learnt in order to maintain and build on the enormous progress and peace of mind I have developed. So much more can be said about Clara Gibson and NLP. Her coaching will be a gift to your life - I highly recommend her gracious coaching.

M.F, Orpington

When I started my sessions with Clara I thought I knew what I wanted to focus on. She taught me that I do not need to live in the shadows of my fears and insecurities, and has shown me how I can take control of my thoughts and actions and regain a positive aspect to life.

With some difficult personal and work issues I had lost self confidence and could no longer appreciate all the good things in my life. Clara has opened the door to changing that, helping me become more relaxed, spontaneous and to appreciate more of what I have in my life. I will continue to meet every few months to ensure that the changes continue to blossom and transform my life as the many others that Clara has already helped.

M.M (Manager, Major Bank), Chingford

I want to thank you for all your help you have given me through the last couple of months. I was in such a bad place - I was on anti-depressants, felt trapped in my job and had very little self worth. Having the life coach sessions with Clara made me think positively about all the things I could do and broaden my career.

I think the coaching helped me get back to myself. Depression is something that is very hard to come out of. I am now off my anti-depressants and feel much happier in myself. I want to thank you for listening and helping me and being so kind. I think it’s amazing how you turned my life around.

E.S, Bromley

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I met with Clara for the first time. She made me feel at ease and helped me identify what it really was that I wanted to achieve and helped me develop the tools to reach my goals. I now understand myself better and am able appreciate why I feel like I do in situations and either embrace that or use the tools to help me take a different positive perspective. It’s also helped me to understand other people better and become more effective.

What I have learnt will stay with me for the rest of my life and has made me a better manager, better husband & better Dad. Thank you.

R.B (Director, Local Government Department), Orpington

Coaching with Clara has given me the confidence to deal with different situations and affirmed that I am right about certain things. I am calmer, more confident and aware of my capabilities. When I came to coaching, my relationship with my partner of 27 years was one I couldn’t bear, yet couldn’t bear to be without.

Now that I understand him better, I am changing - and he is changing too. He is becoming less negative and I am finding him surprisingly more affectionate and tactile. Coaching is so different to counselling; After counselling sessions, I frequently came away in tears, but my coaching sessions leave me feeling energised, positive and capable. I am learning and discovering at every session and putting what I have learned into practice inbetween.

I have set myself and reached goals I would never have thought possible. Clara is such a lovely person and she has made a real difference to my life, I just can’t thank her enough.

P.W, Beckenham

When I first heard about Clara, it was impossible to know whether she was the right person to understand and help me sort out the issues that were worrying me. Adding to that uncertainty was the hesitancy which most men probably feel at such times - a bit like going to the dentist for the first time! Having ‘taken the plunge’ and summoned up the nerve to make an initial appointment with Clara, the whole process became extremely easy. The first meeting was conducted in a friendly, logical, objective way and without any embarrassment.

Clara is able to understand and consider issues in a matter of fact and sympathetic manner. Her knowledge and experience enabled her to identify the nub of my issues, so that we were both at the same ‘starting point’ and ready to consider the next steps. Your problems may well be different from mine, but at least this will help you know what to expect when addressing them with Clara.

N.M, Bromley

I stumbled upon Clara looking for something that would help my daughter’s confidence. Little did I know, that after having spoken to Clara that I would decide that I would undertake a programme of coaching for myself. By enabling ‘me’ to be more effective, in turn would impact on my daughter and the rest of the family. The programme evolved and flexed in a way that gave me much more benefit than a package with my employer would have done. I enjoyed the ‘power’ of using real time experiences to explore how I could be more effective - from both a personal and professional base.

As a result of the coaching, I am confident, more relaxed and focused on the bigger picture. I fret less about the small things and can move on to the next task quicker. I am more effective and organized as a result (especially mentally!) and I definitely sleep better by not performing a post mortem on things I did/said/thought. As much as the benefits, I enjoyed Clara’s company and looked forward to meeting up with the next installment of my life and work experiences to discuss! I would thoroughly recommend her and will continue to have sporadic sessions to ‘top up’ my new learnt skills.

K.N (Senior Manager), Bickley

Clara is amazing. She has turned my life around for me. Before coaching I had low self esteem - now I am in control of my life, running my own business, and feel great. Clara has helped me so much. I would love my friends to experience how good I feel.

J.T, Beckenham

Clara is a fantastic business and life coach. I came into coaching wanting primarily a better work life balance, and to finish my post graduate dissertation proposal. I thought my life was pretty good. Through coaching with Clara, I achieved much more than I anticipated - 150%. I am more relaxed at work and home, I am achieving more in work and have learned to delegate, and achieved a distinction for my dissertation proposal. Previously every aspect of my life was minutely planned and timetabled; I am now relaxed, flexible and spontaneous. I have more time for me and my husband. Life is so much better. Clara helped me see what was right in front of me and helped me appreciate everything and everyone around me. Her coaching is energizing, something to look forward to like a new dawn.

C.C (Assistant Manager HR EU Bank), Malta

I came into coaching unsure of what I really wanted, but knowing that I wanted something more, some direction. I liked writing, we had recently moved, and I felt highly stressed. One of my goals was set as writing a book and to get published; The other to sort the house and to improve my relationship with my husband. By the end of the coaching series I had written over 50% of my book and was approaching publishers, the house was virtually sorted, and our family life was blossoming. I was also much better able to delegate at home and work.

S.M (Project Manager), Bromley

Clara helped me identify and overcome my inner demons whilst at a very low point in my life. Her ability to turn my negative thoughts into positives helped me believe in myself immediately. I am now the most relaxed and successful that I have ever been in both my personal and professional life. I have been released from the pressure that I put myself under - her ability to steer you in the right direction to find the answers yourself is scary! I continue to meet every 3 months to catch up - not for any particular reason, just that I see it as an investment in myself.

S.B (Project Manager), Beckenham

Clara’s insights have been hugely helpful. She is so spot on. I wanted support and focus for major changes going on in my business and personal life. I got that and so much more.

S.S (Art Gallery Owner & Director), Narbeth

Clara has been so in-tune with me. Her insights are invaluable. I found being coached a hugely valuable experience. I shall keep on with the support and focus that she makes available.

M.HW (Business Director and Coach), Munich, Germany

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