The Therapeutic delights of living and working by the Sea

The Therapeutic delights of living and working by the Sea


On the 21st of march this year, I will have been living and working by the sea for 2 years.  I came to Thanet not knowing a single person, but that soon changed.  My son chose to move here too, to do his A'Level/BTECs - he wanted to and he is so pleased that he braved the move to an entirely new area.  He has made loads of new friends and loves the different mindsets that he has found here.

We live a 2 minute walk from the sea (Bruce can see the sea from his bedroom window) and in less than 10 seconds of leaving our front door you can see the sea at the bottom of the road.

One of the many things about living so close to the sea in the historic and lovely town of #Ramsgate, is that we are kept connected to the state of constant change, that is life.  You see, here we are not surrounded by tall fixed buildings - which can block out that reminder that we and everything around us changes, all the time.  Here, as we walk along the promenades or along the extensive sandy beaches, the tides and wind constantly change the shape of the beach.  The huge expansive skies vary from moment to moment.  The light and the colours of the sky and the sea vary equally.

This week with the recent big storm - the beach has changed, sand has been washed away and along the beaches, the sea has been transformed from a writhing furious power force to absolute calm and tranquillity.  Flint stones washed up with the storm have been washed away again.  

Living and walking by the sea is truly therapeutic.  The sound of the sea, the breeze or wind, the sun or shade, the invigorating, invisible ozone from the sea - are mezmerizing.  I have had clients that I have walked and talked for miles with and without any effort, what had been a major problem and seemed insurmountable - has altered beyond recognition.  

I do offer residential coaching breaks - (rooms can be booked through Airbnb for a single room and  for a double room and sessions can be booked for during your stay, with follow-up skype sessions.  

It is such a great pleasure to share the joys of this beautiful part of the world and to help people release themselves from the troubles that they carry around within them.

Life is wonderful!   Learning to be present, is something many people struggle with as they worry about what has already happened or what might happen in the future, rather than being able to be in the here and now.   Walking by the sea is a wonderful way to bring your focus to the here and now and feel alive.

If you wish to contact me to book a free consultation to discuss how I might be able to help you - drop me a line at 

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