Life coaching

Coaching Benefits

Coaching works in a very different way to most other therapies. Individuals experience:

Individual clients reported an average return on investment of 3.44 times their investment
(2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study).

How does coaching work?

Future v Past

Life Coaching is solution focused - it aims to make you more effective and to assist you to build a more effective future.

In contrast to other therapies it does not dwell on the past. Using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) strategies, it is possible to quickly gain an understanding of past events, to take the useful learning that is in any experience/event and move forward in life, strengthened by your experiences rather than weakened.

New Habits v Old

NLP strategies enable individuals to change the habits that they run. By becoming aware of how you think, the way that you speak to yourself, the way that you respond to situations and by gaining understanding of the way that you have developed your beliefs and patterns of thinking, acting and reacting, it is possible to assist you to then develop more useful empowering patterns of behaviour and positive thinking.


Positive thinking and helping others

Your brain needs you to have goals - it helps your brain to know where it is going. Having goals helps you to develop strategy and purpose - it gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Coaching with us supports you to develop the strategies to have effective workable goals, and to develop the habits of thinking and taking action that will develop your resilience and your effectiveness.

In the process of Life Coaching you develop and learn strategies, and develop them to the point that your new strategies become your new default setting - i.e. the place that you quickly return to when life throws something at you (which it will). After all, what we have control over is our thinking, our emotions, our actions and reactions - when we get that right we do not get knocked off our rails by unexpected happenings for long.

The Holisitc Approach

Clara works holisiticly with you to look at your diet and your lifestyle to help you to have the full spectrum of resources that anyone needs to be most effective. After all, every thought, action and reaction only happen because of the chemical reaction that takes place in your cells. Those chemicals come from the food and nutrients that you put in your body. So if your diet is nutrient poor you cannot expect to be the most effective you can be. If your thinking pattern is one of frequent high stress that will impact the absorption and the metabolisis of the most healthy diet in the world. So a holisitic approach to change has benefits for now and accumulatively into your future.

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