Public Speaking & Work with Organisations

Public Speaking

Clara Gibson public speaking

Clara Gibson has spoken at many events and conferences and has a glowing reputation as an inspirational speaker - check out her testimonials on LinkedIn.

She speaks on:

If you would like to book Clara to speak - please contact us

Work with Organisations

Stressed employee

With every work place now expected to offer 'Health and Wellbeing at work' support to employees, in line with recent government initiatives. All organisations will benefit from talks to improve staff wellbeing, indepth courses or offering regular drop in coaching sessions for staff.

I have worked with Exon Mobile, Schools, Local Authorities and the Voluntary Sector.

My work includes one hour talks, half and one day workshops in:

I also deliver drop in coaching sessions for staff.

If you would like to contact Clara to discuss your organisations needs and arrange a booking please contact us with your requirements.

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